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Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings BHT279


Chinese character are treasured symbol of the Chinese nation, And the development of character is often considered one of the major achievements in the course of human civilization. Chinese characters appeared around 6000 years ago, and among ancient systems of writing in the worlds, only Chinese characters remain in use today. There are many differing styles of writing Chinese character, all of which are an individual art. Of all the Chinese character, 福 (good luck), 禄 (high salary and a good career), 寿 (longevity), 喜 (happiness), 财 (wealth) are the most auspicious characters, and are thus referred to as the “five blessings”. Since ancient times, the Chinese people have yearned for the five blessings. Please click here for more information

Book Titles:
Good Fortune 福
High Salary 禄
Longevity 寿
Happiness 喜
Wealth 财

By Quanxin Huang & Ying Huang, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and English, 152 pages/book, 9.7"x6.1”
Item: Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings
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