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Chinese Culture Series BHT280


Chinese civilization, with a long, shining and vibrant history, has been part of the ancient oriental civilization. At the core of Chinese civilization are the spirit of traditional Chinese philosophy and Chinese characters. Having helped bind together the civilization, they have both benefited from and contributed to the formation of a unified multi-ethnic nation. Chinese culture, documented in Chinese characters, had long played a unique, leading role in the history of ancient civilizations. For thousands of years, as an important part of human civilization, it has striven for self-improvement by discarding obsolete and embracing fresh elements. Students around the world come to China to learn not only Chinese characters, but Chinese culture and arts as well, and in so doing expand the influence of Chinese civilization in the world. Please click here for more description

Book Titles:
Chinese Myth And Legend 中国神话传说
Chinese Martial Arts 中国武术
Chinese Calligraphy 中国书法
Traditional Chinese Medicine 传统中医
Chinese Gardens 中国园林
Chinese Traditional Arts 中国传统工艺
Chinese Folk Performing Art 中国曲艺
Chinese Bronze Artifacts 中国青铜器

Paperback, English, 152 pages/book, 10.25"x7.25"
Item: Chinese Culture Series
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