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Understanding China BHT290


Division to Unification in Imperial China is series volume two. It explores one of China's more chaotic periods when Chinese culture flourished while civil wars and foreign invasions repeatedly thwarted attempts at unification. A handy timeline is included. Division to Unification in Imperial China is especially recommended for young readers ages 11 to 17 and should be a part of every school and community library's History of China collection. The fourth volume in the Understanding China Through Comics series covers the stunningly productive Ming dynasty and its fall to the Manchus under the Qing, the last Chinese dynasty. The book also addresses Wang Yangming's School of Mind and the painful process of modernization and conflict with the West and Japan, including the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion. Includes timeline.

Book Titles:
Foundations of Chinese Civilization
Division to Unification in Imperial China
Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity
The Making of Modern China

Paperback, English, 144-182 pages/book, 8"x 6"
Item: Understanding China
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