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70 Chinese Loanwords BHT297


Interactions between different cultures are inevitably followed by the mutual borrowing of words.   On the heels of the increasingly close contacts between China and the outside, and the continual rise of Chinese influence in the world, international society has become more and more aware of and knowledgeable about China.  As a result, a number of words specific to China in the areas of government, economy, and culture have, in seemingly unconscious fashion, entered into the English language. There are essentially two ways in which Chinese terms enter into English: one is directly, with words such as shaolinyin-yangjiaozixiaokang; another is through loan translations, such as “Chinese dream,” and “Belt and Road.” The 70 words selected for this work both represent traditional Chinese culture as well as reflect new concepts and innovations in China.  The work employs definitions found in authoritative English language dictionaries as well as examples from mainstream media, which both provide strong evidence for their usage and also bring the examples close to home for the reader. 


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and English or English, 142 pages/book, 7.7”x5”
Item: 70 Chinese Loanwords
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