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Kids Comic Encyclopedia Series BLC004


Using comic book illustrations to tackle science subjects, the Kids Comic Encyclopedia series makes the challenges of learning sometimes dry material fun. The series covers topics including dinosaurs, life, animals, UFO’s, space, earth, mathematics, and the human body. The graphics-based story lines will have students learning and remembering content without realizing that that they are actually studying.

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Book Titles:
Dinosaur 恐龙
Life 生命
Animal 动物
UFO 飞碟
Space 宇宙
Earth 地球
Wonders of Civilizations 文明奇迹
Mathematics 数学
Human Body 人体
Technology 科技
Natural Wonders 自然奇观

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 135 pages/book, 16.5"x11.75"
Item: Kids Comic Encyclopedia Series
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