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Children's Knowledge Series BLC061


Children's Knowledge Series consists of a total of 12 books, and provides readers with an introduction to subjects such as the body, health, homes, cities, animals, and more. The beautiful illustrations and easy-to-understand texts are geared toward young readers. While studying these basic concepts, children will also learn about good behavior and manners. The easy text will also help them learn these concepts in Chinese. Ages 3-6.

Book Titles:
Baby's Day 宝宝的一天
Protecting the Earth 保护地球
Courtesy 礼貌
Kindergarten 幼儿园
Animals 动物
Baby Be Careful 宝宝小心
Nature 自然
Home 家
The Birth of Baby 宝宝的诞生
City 城市
Body 身体
Health 健康

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 7.7"x6.3"
Item: Children's Knowledge Series
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