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My Travel Picture Book Series BLC124


The My Travel Picture Book Series consists of four books: Opposites, Location, Colors and Numbers. Because image recognition is the best learning method for children, this series is specially designed to help children the words are related to Opposites, Location, Colors and Numbers, through graphics. The lovely colorful illustrations combined with the story-like texts will enhance children's willingness to learn. Traditional Chinese characters version is available too!

本套书共有数字,位置,颜色和反义词四本。图像认知是幼儿最佳学习方式,本套书以关连性的图形增加小朋友的记忆力。借由颜色鲜艳的可爱图绘,再加上故事情节的编排,增进孩子学习意愿 请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Opposites 我的反义词旅行
Location 我的位置旅行
Colors 我的颜色旅行
Numbers 我的数字旅行

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character, 20 pages/book, 7.75"x8.5"
Item: My Travel Picture Book Series
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