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Math Adventures Series BLC153


Firefighters, zookeepers, astronauts, deep-sea divers, paleontologists, and archaeologists - everyone uses math This series gives young readers a chance to learn about each of these exciting jobs, and use their math skills along the way. Each book offers a variety of problems that teach math concepts and help readers understand the connection between math skills and daily life. The series features:
- Correlations to math curriculum standards
- Math problems that build and reinforce a variety of math skills
- Helpful math tips
- Answer key
- A science connection through the topics discussed

《有趣的数学探险》系列丛书是一套从国外引进的非常优秀的少儿读物, 设计了一系列有趣的主题,包括海洋、月球、恐龙、动物园、救火、丛林,以全新的理念,将数学知识与当今少年儿童喜闻乐见的科普热点联系起来,带领小读者们在有趣的旅程中,走过一个又一个数学迷宫。要想解决这些数学问题,小读者需要收集各种数据和信息,还要学会利用自己的数学技能,同时还能学到相关的科普知识。

By Wendy Clemson and David Clemson, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 11"x8.25"
Item: Math Adventures Series
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