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Mathematical Fairy Tale Castle Series BLC178


Mathematical Fairy Tale Castle Series includes five lovely fairy tale stories with children's mathematical knowledge through the lovely scenes, I Want to Do It Myself -- Logics, Will the Sun Come Out -- Graphics, Ten Little Boy Soldiers -- Numbers, The Yellow Cab -- Space, The Baby Mice Move to A New House -- Sequence. Ages 4-8.

孩子们大了,什么事情都想自己动手做,不想妈妈来帮忙了,妈妈看到孩子笨手笨脚做事情的样子心中充满了幸福和感动,可是有时候又因为孩子们的颠三倒四而头 疼不已,怎么办呢?这个系列可以告诉你答案哦! 书的插图丰富多彩,文字简洁易懂,孩子非常喜欢。请参阅<<黄色出租车>>内容介绍

By Lee Hye Yeong, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29 pages/book, 9.05"x8.65"
Item: Mathematical Fairy Tale Castle Series
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