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Little Dr. Math BLC198


Little Dr. Math includes eight picture books to teach young children basic mathematical concepts. These books present math concepts in a fun and comprehendible style, and are beautifully illustrated. For ages 4-8.For more details on each title click here

小数学博士图画书包括八个幼儿基本的数学概念。本书包含有趣的数学概念和易懂的风格,并有精美插图。适合4-8岁儿童 请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Baby Comes From Sky (Addition Operation)天上來的寶贝(学习主题加法运算)
Wizard's Amazing Journey (Time Unit) 精灵的奇幻旅程(学习主题认识时间单位)
Super Comparison (Measurement Concept) 超級比一比(學習測量概念)
Not One Less (Number and Quantity) 一個都不能少(學習數與量)
Angle and Square (Geometry) 角角方方爭霸戰(學習幾何圖形)
Magic Drawing Board (Graphic) 神奇畫板變變變(學習平面和立體)
Boys and Girls (Matching) 男生女生配一配(學習邏輯對應)
Hot Air Balloon Adventure (Logic) 熱氣球大冒險 (學習形式邏輯)

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 27 pages/book, 10.15"x9.25"
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