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Protecting Nature Series BLC225


Today, some of the most important questions kids ask are related to the natural environment. The enlightening and entertaining four-book. This series demonstrates the importance of protecting nature. Books present brief, entertaining stories that answer children's questions and feature amusing color illustrations on every page. A note at the back of each book is for parents and teachers, suggesting ways to use these books most effectively. Get our Simple Science Series , Values Series , Watch Out! Books Series , Nature's Miracles Series , Why Should I? Series , and Looking After Me Series too.

这是一套适合低龄儿童阅读的科普图画书。简练的文字、严谨的知识点,再配以幽默图画,让孩子们在轻松的阅读中品味科学。认识自然,了解周围环境,是每个孩子成长过程中的必经阶段。该系列通过引导孩子对周围环境的关注,让他们对环境保护问题进行简单的思考,积极寻找保护和改善环境的办法。为了让孩子巩固书中所学内容,每本书的后面还附有学习活动建议,以供家长和老师们参考。读者对象:36岁儿童  请参阅每本书的中文简介

Book Titles:
Why Should I Save Water? 没水了
Why Should I Save Energy? 停电了
Why Should I Recycle? 垃圾放哪里
Why Should I Protect Nature? 别伤害自然

By Jen Green, Illustrated by Mike Gordon, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 29 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Protecting Nature Series
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