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Nature's Miracles Series BLC177


How does a caterpillar transform itself into a beautiful butterfly? How does a tadpole grow from an egg in a blob of jelly into a leaping, croaking frog? How do raindrops change as they fall from the clouds and then seem to disappear before appearing as clouds again? How does a seed grow into a plant that then forms new seeds?
They are nature’s miracles! This series tells you the life story of a caterpillar through the eyes of a boy and his little sister as they have fun in their garden,  the life story of a tadpole through a family of nature-exploring children and their mum,  the life story of a raindrop through the eyes of two busy children and their dad and the life story of a seed through the eyes of a little girl and her green-fingered granddad. There are notes for parents and teachers, as well as suggestions for learning activities that will reinforce the information in the book. Ages 4-8.Get our Values Series , Protecting Nature Series , Simple Science Series , Watch Out! Books Series , Why Should I? Series , and Looking After Me Series too.


Book Titles:
Once There Was a Caterpillar 从前有一条毛毛虫
Once There Was a Tadpole 从前有一只小蝌蚪
Once There Was a Raindrop 从前有一个小雨滴
Once There Was a Seed 从前有一粒种子

By Judith Anderson, Illustrated by Mike Gordon, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: Nature's Miracles Series
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