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I'm Alive Series BLC252


From the new SENSES series which examines how the human body works and how we use our senses to interpret the world around us, comparing this to the animal kingdom. Illustrated throughout with full colour artwork, this series is suitable for National Curriculum Science Key Stage 1.  These books end with a list of activities to help children focus on the topic at hand, The humorous watercolor cartoons are upbeat and realistic. Ages 4-8.

这是一套专为低龄儿童设计的科普图画书。简练的文字、严谨的知识点,再配以幽默图画,让孩子们在轻松的阅读中品味科学。该系列通过引导孩子对人体进行细致入微的观察,让他们了解人们是如何依靠自己的五官来认识周围世界的。 本系列既适合在家里也适合在学校使用。为了让孩子巩固书中所学内容,每本书的后面还附有学习活动建议,以供家长和老师们参考。

Book Titles:
Hearing 听觉的秘密
Touch 触觉的秘密
Sight 视觉的秘密
Taste 味觉的秘密
Smell 嗅觉的秘密

By Mandy Suhr, Illustrated by Mike Gordon, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29 pages/book, 8.25"x7.5"
Item: I'm Alive Series
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