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Math and Chinese Character Series BLC277


Math and Chinese Character Series teaches children basic Math and Chinese characters through the use of fun and easy exercises. Large colorful pictures and easy to read numbers make learning simple. Topics in this series include learning Zhuyin, numbers 1-75, basic addition and subtraction, and how to tell time.For more details on each title click here

启蒙小学堂系列运用评量游戏,建立10进位的概念。运用趣味游戏,加强数数的能力。透过游戏题型学习加减,发现数学的乐趣。用好玩、有趣的题型发式,带领孩子认识时间,建立数学基础。本系列帮助孩子在學習数学的過程中奠定良好的數學基礎。 请参阅每本书的中文简介.

Titles in this series include:
Happy Learning Bo Po Mo - 快樂學會ㄅㄆㄇ
Bo Po Mo is Interesting - ㄅㄆㄇ真有趣
Pinyin - Sounds and Characters - 幼兒拼音-聲符篇
Pinyin - Rhyming Articles - 幼兒拼音-韻符篇
Basics of Writing Chinese Characters - 基礎國字寫一寫
Numbers 1-10 - 我會數字1-10
Numbers 1-25 - 我會數字1-25
Numbers 1-75 - 我會數字1-75
Easy Addition and Subtraction - 輕鬆學加減
What Time is it Now - 現在幾點鐘

Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 40 pages/book, 11.75"x8.25"

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Item: Math and Chinese Character Series
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