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Children's Intelligent Picture Book Series BLC414


One Tail Ten Mice combines language and math, it is a multiple intelligences picture book.  Young children can play fun counting games while reading the poetry.
Half for you and Half for Me is a picture book that instills the concept of fraction to preschool and lower grade elementary school students. It uses the things we use in our daily encounters such as an apple, a sausage, a whole cake, and show how these things can be shared. It also shows how to share something that cannot be divided equally, such as a dog. In Traditional Chinese characters.
Don't Do That Sister has told her brother many times: "Do not do that!", but brother always smiles and replied: "I did not learn from you! " Huh? Why does it seem that brother is an imitation of his sister?

《一条尾巴十只老鼠》: 故事從有一條尾巴和兩隻眼睛的貓開始,牠被掉下來的三個芒果打到,只好拔起四條腿就逃,路上又遇到五棵樹倒下來……經過一路的奔波,貓咪碰到了一窩老鼠:五隻老鼠爬上樹、五隻老鼠在樹下跳舞,數一數、算一算,總共有幾隻小老鼠?
《你一半我一半》: 本書運用日常生活中常見的事物,讓小朋友對「分數」有初步的概念,同時也讓孩子體會到「公平分配」之外,有時也能享受「分享」的快樂。
《别学我》: 姊姊一直告訴弟弟:「別學我!」弟弟則總是笑著回答:「我沒學你!」咦?為什麼弟弟做的事看起來好像是模仿姊姊,可是好像又有點兒不同……模仿是幼兒發展常見的過程,書中兩姊弟充滿童趣的對答相信令許多小朋友都會發出會心一笑,也可運用此書讓孩子試著發現姊姊和弟弟的異同點,培養觀察力。

Book Titles:
One Tail Ten Mice 一条尾巴十只老鼠
Half for You and Half for Me 你一半我一半
Don't Do That 别学我

Hardcover, Simplified Chinese Characters, 26 pages/book, 8"x8.25"

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