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Murderous Maths Series BLC492


All the Murderous Maths books feature a range of characters including One-Finger Jimmy, Half Smile and their gang, Dolly Snowlips, Professor Fiendish, Pongo McWhiffy and the terribly lovely Veronica Gumfloss, the evil Gollarks from the planet Zog, Urgum the Axeman and so on. They also include sneaky tricks, games, jokes (most of which are repeatable) and what's more - you'll find yourself picking up all sorts of advice and tips on how to cope with maths in all its various forms. Despite their irreverent and frivolous attitude, these books have even found their way into schools and proved to be a boost to GCSE studies.  Please click here for more details in Chinese

學習數學就像看故事書一樣有趣這是在開玩笑嗎?不!只要用對方法,數學也可以又酷又神奇!本書透過幽默刺激的故事和逗趣的插畫,介紹國小中高年級數學的重要基本概念,:十進位系統的發明與重要性、時間單位,利用超酷的紙牌魔術學習未知數的概念,如何對付可怕的大數目,學會幾則最機密的速算絕招,讓你成為數學魔術師!別為:除夕、端午、賞月、煙火、耶誕、米、菜市場、柿子、飛魚、擂茶 。详细内容请参阅分册简介

Book Titles:
Vol. 1  Guaranteed to Bend Your Brain 奇妙的數與量
Vol. 2  Awesome Arithmetricks 加減乘除的算術魔法
Vol. 3  The Mean and Vulgar Bits 分數與小數的運算祕密
Vol. 4  Professor Fiendish's Book of BRAIN-BENDERS 來玩數與量推理

By Kjartan Poskitt, Illustrated by Trevor Dunton, Daniel Postgate, & Philip Reeve, Paperback, Traditional Chinese Characters, 127-175 pages/book, 8.6"x6.7"
Item: Murderous Maths Series
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