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Maths Fairy Tale Picture Book Series BLC557


With vivid pictures and interesting stories, the Maths Fairy Tale Picture Book Series offers an alternative to challenge your kids intellectually and effectively guide them through the mathematic world.


Book Titles:
The Birthday Party of a Little Bear 小熊的生日派对(对应)
Didn't You See My Mommy  看到我妈妈了吗?(空间)
The Laundry Without A Host 分类洗衣店(分类)
Divide Fairly 分果果(部分和整体)
Big Watermelon 很大的西瓜(加法)
Too Late 太晚了(时间)
I Bought A Present  买礼物(数数.)
The Grumbling Nanny And Smiling Nanny 牢骚奶奶与微笑婆婆(间接比较)
A See all store 什么都能买到的商店(图形)
The Curious King of Crocodile 好奇的鳄鱼王(统计)
A Wonderful Mistakes 困惑得福的失误(规律)
We Are Best Friends 我们是好朋友(直接比较)

By Gang, Kyung-suk, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 32 pages/book, 10.5"x8.25"
Item: Maths Fairy Tale Picture Book Series
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