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Gail Gibbons Child's Encyclopedia Series 2 BLC697


This emergent reader series introduces children to different animals, from all around the world. Readers will explore each animal's habitat, learn about their eating habits, and discover other fascinating facts. Gibbons's offering will be enjoyed by young readers and budding zoologist.


Book Titles:
Giant Pandas 大熊猫
Snakes 蛇
Owl 猫头鹰
Spiders 蜘蛛
Dinosaurs I 恐龙(一)
Dinosaurs II 恐龙(二)
Elephants of Africa 非洲象
Frogs 青蛙
Gorillas 大猩猩
Polar Bears 北极熊
Bats 蝙蝠
Monarch Butterfly 帝王蝶

By Gail Gibbons, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 9.75"x9.75"
Item: Gail Gibbons Child's Encyclopedia Series 2
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