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Shine-A Light Books BLC805


Take a peek at the wildlife and the systems which together make the great many things we take for granted in everyday life. The rainforest is full of creatures of many different species, and the apple tree too has a great many species. The train cannot run without the conductor and its wheels, and without the seeds the tree cannot grow. Teach your children about the special bits and pieces of extraordinary things. Please Click Here for Content


让孩子自己去发现、去学习、去成长。—— 蒙台梭利教育法创始人玛丽亚蒙台梭利


Book Titles:
Secrets of the Rainforest 熱帶雨林的祕密
Secrets of the Apple Tree 蘋果樹的祕密
Secrets of the Seashore 海岸邊的祕密
On the Space Station 太空站的祕密
Secrets of the Vegetable Garden 菜園的祕密
Secrets of Winter 冬天的祕密
On The Train 搭火車旅行的祕密
On the Plane 空中旅行的祕密
On The Construction Side 建築工地的祕密

By Carron Brown, Hardcover, Traditional Chinese Character and Zhuyin, 34 pages/book, 10.5x10.5"
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