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My Best Subject is Science (12 Books) BLC847


This book contains 12 books, one theme per book, with easy-to-understand language. Lively images to form answers for children's most frequently asked questions, such as what is air, where does rain come from, how sound spreads, why we can stand on the Earth without falling down... At the end of each book are simple, fun experiments for children to try out.


Book Titles:
Strange Clouds 千奇百怪的云
Fascinating Energy 令人着迷的能量 
Incredible Movement 不可思议的运动 
Magnetic Force 超强磁力 
Amazing Sound 惊人的声音 
Let's Dig 挖土啦 
Diversity of Rocks 形形色色的岩石 
Electricity is Everywhere 无处不在的电 
Magic of Air 神奇的空气 
Water Cycle 奇妙的水循环 
Mysterious Shadows 神秘的影子 
Power of Gravity 超级引力

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 30 pages/book, 8.5"x7.1"
Item: My Best Subject is Science (12 Books)
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