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Happy Experiments Series 1 BLC857


Happy Experiments Series 1 is designed to help children learn various basic science concepts through fun and interesting experiments. It details step-by-step instructions on how to successfully conduct the experiments and analyze the experiment results. The suggested ideas at the end of the books serve to reinforce learning. The beautiful pictures, images and charts all help bring the experiments to life.

《快乐做实验 第1辑》丛书通过指导小读者开展一系列有趣的动手实验,来帮助孩子们理解一些基本科学概念,向孩子们普及科学知识。书中文字清晰、简明,实验的部分包含了明确的、容易理解的步骤指导,让小读者能够顺利地进行实验,并根据指导语一步一步地分析出每个实验的结果,后面还有相关的更多创意,可以强化小读者对科学原理的理解。另外,书中还根据需要配有精美的彩图、照片和表格,可以更好地对实验进行呈现。

Book Titles:
Maps and Diagram 地图与图纸
Rivers and Oceans 河流与海洋
Food and Agriculture 食品与农业
Mountains and Earth 山脉与地球
Fantastic Fraction 神奇的分数
Interesting Numbers 有趣的数字
Wonderful Shape 奇妙的形状
Size Measurement 大小的测量
Quality and Time 质量与时间
Variety of Modeling 百变的造型
World of Light 光色的世界
Electric Current 电流小魔术
Fun With Magnetism 好玩的磁铁
States of Matter 物质的变化

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 29-31 pages/book, 11.25"x8.5"
Item: Happy Experiments Series 1
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