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Animal Faces (4 Books) BLC873


Animal Faces is a new series of books that considers how the faces of animals have been uniquely designed to help them successfully survive in their habitats. In close up, accurate illustrations, readers will be invited to explore the features of each animal’s face that helps it find food, communicate, taste, sense danger, and attracts a mate. See how the otter uses its keen sense of smell to seek out food, and discover how the emperor penguin protects its eggs and chicks from the icy arctic temperatures by holding them on its feet under a flap of feathers. A special section at the back of each book gives the facts behind the faces each of the faces featured in the books, including where the animal lives, what it feeds on, and how large it gets. Supplements school curriculum in science.

英国经典儿童科普绘本。 4大主题,52种动物,英国著名动植物插画师为孩子打造随身动物园。细腻近景手绘,提高孩子的艺术鉴赏能力。科普知识由中国科学院专家审订,权威性强。便捷开本,培养孩子自主阅读的习惯。动物认知,以小窥大,从千奇百怪的面孔,探索动物世界的奥秘。附赠精美DIY动物面具和书角签。寓教于乐,边玩边学。

Book Titles:
In the Forest  丛林动物
On Snow and Ice 极地动物
In the Water 水生动物
At Night 夜行动物

By Hannah Kate Sackett, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 33 pages/book, 8.5"x8.2", 3 flash cards, 8"x8"
Item: Animal Faces (4 Books)
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