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Time For Kids (20 Books) BLC874


The editors of TIME For Kids® are committed to informing millions of kids about the world and their place in it. As part of a national news organization, they bring expert and age-appropriate reporting and photography from around the globe to books, classroom magazines, and a website.

《时代周刊精选少儿百科低幼版》以百科知识为主线,每册书一个主题,围绕主题全方位多层次讲解百科知识,所配大量实景照片均来自《时代周刊》记者和摄影师的珍贵一手资料, 内容深入浅出、循序渐进,帮助孩子带着兴趣完成阅读,轻松掌握知识。《时代周刊精选少儿百科低幼版》一共20册,内容涉猎广泛,涵盖了物品的大小形状、认知自己、简单的动物和植物知识、地貌、天气、水源、手工、各行各业、世界著名的城市、自然灾害、烹饪、天文、建筑等形形色色的60个主题。语言简练生动,尤其专门结合图文手绘了600多张插画,与原书图文完美结合,既生动形象又诙谐幽默。请点击此处查看分册目录

Book Titles:
Set A A辑
A1 What Are Their Characteristics 它们有什么特征
A2 About "Me" 关于“我”
A3 Colorful Life 多姿多彩的生活
A4 Magic of Nature 大自然的魔法
A5 Wonderful Plants and Animals 奇妙的动物和植物
A6 Adorable Animal Friends 可爱的动物朋友
A7 Elves of Nature 自然界中的精灵
A8 Do You Know How to Make These Decorations 你会做这些装饰品吗
A9 How to Live a Healthy Life 怎样健康的生活
A10 Colorful World 缤纷世界
Set B B辑
B1 Discover the World Around You 探索身边的世界
B2 Next Stop: Where to Go 下一站去哪
B3 Dreadful Natural Phenomenon 可怕的自然现象
B4 The Strength of Nature 大自然的强者
B5 How Are They Made 它们是怎样做成的
B6 Step into Nature 走进自然
B7 I Love Astronomy 我爱学天文
B8 Discover Our Body 探索我们的身体
B9 Come! Join Us 来啊!加入我们
B10 Famous People I Want to Know 我想了解的名人

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 36 pages/book, Book: 9.1"x6.75", Box: 7.25"x9.8"
Item: Time For Kids (20 Books)
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