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iSuper Science Books Teacherís Guide and Resources BLC890


“iSuper 中文小博士”, as a  Chinese language series of science textbooks, is modeled after the FOSS (Full Option Science System) ① science instructional resources—the most widely used science materials in elementary and middle schools in the United States. The content and sequence follow the guidelines of the FOSS curriculum, as well as the US National Science Education Standards. The series also integrates the standards adopted by school curricula throughout the United States, and is designed to systematically follow the Chinese learner’s language level development. The selection of vocabulary is not only based on the content and sequence of science curricula, but also based on the Chinese language usage from beginner to advanced levels. Therefore, when teachers teach the science content, they will find it easier for their students to grasp the content in Chinese. Through using this science textbook, the students will not only learn the science content, but also improve their Chinese language skills when they apply and practice them in science class, which is a common practice in immersion programs.

There are 5 language levels in “iSuper 中文小博士” series, following the ACTFL (The American Council on Teaching of Foreign Languages)② standards of foreign language development. Each language level contains three scientific fields: life science, Earth & Space and physical science. Each area has 2 or 3 topics. These topics are not limited to FOSS modules—additional activities related to Chinese language and culture are also included. The topics are also designed to accommodate states or districts that may have a different content range or sequence from FOSS’s. We hope that most of the teachers will find their needs met through our series. “iSuper 中文小博士” provides: Student Books (in Chinese with rich visual images ), Teacher’s Guide and Resources(in both Chinese and English) as well as multimedia supplementary references and resources.

《iSuper中文小博士汉语教学资源》(以下简称为《iSuper中文小博士》)在制定教学大纲时,以北美公立中小学英文主流科学教学中使用最广泛、最受学生欢迎的FOSS(Full Option Science System,多重选择的科学体系)1科学教材为基础,结合美国东、西两岸和中西部公立学校使用FOSS的实际状况,以及全美自然科学教育协会的科学学科标准。在语言难度的处理上,本教材采用循序渐进的编排方式,将汉语字词呈现顺序和难易程度与自然科学的教学进度相结合。这种处理方式可以帮助教师在教授自然科学知识的同时结合汉语教学,从而对学生的汉语学习起到促进和深化的作用。

《iSuper中文小博士》分为五个语言水平,按照ACTFL(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages,全美外语教学委员会)的语言大纲编制,每个语言水平包含三大自然科学知识领域:生命科学、物理科学与地球科学。每个学科又包含2—3个重点课题(单元),这些重点课题与FOSS的重点课题基本一致,同时也兼顾地区差异性。希望这样的安排可以使更多教师从中找到自己需要的教学内容。《iSuper中文小博士》系列包括:学生用书(中文版,图文并茂)、教师用书(中、英文版)、多媒体资源等。

Book Titles:
Earth Science (Earth Structure) 地球科学
Physical Science (Matter) 物理科学
Life Science (Butterflies and Moths) 生命科学

By Marisa Fang and Zhining Chin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin, 13-26 pages/book, 11.25"x8.5"

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