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National Geographic Readers (6 Books) BLC907


This graded book series will sure get young curious minds excited about the animal world. They will get to see fish swim, dolphins dive, penguin waddle, snake slither, bear hibernate, and a lot more. Told in simple yet lively text built with sight words and using picture icons to aid reading, these books will enchant kids just beginning their journey with books.


Book Titles
Swim, Fish! 游动吧, 鱼儿!
Dive, Dolphin! 跳跃吧, 海豚! 
Peek, Otter! 看啥呢, 水獭?
At the Beach 快来吧, 在海边!
Hello, Penguin! 你好呀, 企鹅!
Slither, Snake 滑行吧, 蛇!
预备级B :
Climb, Koala! 爬上去, 树袋熊!
Go, Cub! 出发吧, 小狮子!
Swing, Sloth! 荡起来, 树懒!
Flutter, Butterfly! 飞舞吧, 蝴蝶!
Hoot, Owl! 鸣叫吧, 雪鸮!
Buzz, Bee! 嗡嗡嗡, 小蜜蜂!
Play, Kitty! 玩耍吧, 猫咪!
Trot, Pony! 奔跑吧, 小马!
Hop, Bunny! 蹦跳吧, 兔子!
Sleep, Bear! 睡觉吧, 熊!
Hang on, Monkey! 抓紧了, 小猴子!
Jump, Pup! 跳起来, 小狗!

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 24 pages/book, 8.25"x 5.5"
Item: National Geographic Readers (6 Books)
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