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Just a Second
What happens in just a second? A bat makes 200 high-pitched calls. A hummingbird beats its wings 50 times. A woodpecker hammers a tree trunk with its beak 20 times. A human can blink 7 times. A vulture in fight flaps its wings once. This nonfiction picture book explores the concept of time as a series of events in the natural world that take place in given units of time. Steve Jenkins's stunning collage illustrations and fascinating collection of facts create an engaging and interconnected look at time, animals, science, and the natural world.

Life on Earth
There are millions of different kinds of plants and animals living on the earth. Many millions more lived here in the past. Where did they all come from? Why have some become extinct and others lived on? In this remarkable book for children, Steve Jenkins explores the fascinating history of life on earth and the awe-inspiring story of evolution, Charles Darwin’s great contribution to modern science.

Animals by the Numbers
How many species are there across the globe?  How much do all of the insects in the world collectively weigh? How far can animals travel? Steve Jenkins answers these questions and many more with numbers, images, innovation, and authoritative science in his latest work of illustrated nonfictionJenkins layers his signature cut-paper illustrations alongside computer graphics and a text that is teeming with fresh, unexpected, and accurate zoological information ready for readers to easily devour. The level of scientific research paired with Jenkins’ creativity and accessible info graphics is unmatched and sure to wow fans old and new.

How to Clean a Hippopotamus
A book about animal symbiosis offers readers a close-up, step-by-step view of nature’s fascinating partnerships. Find out why a mongoose comes running when a warthog lies down, how a crab and an iguana help each other out, why ravens follow wolves, and more. Witness the ingenious lifestyles of some of the world’s most unusual animal partners in this book of curious biology, a symbiotic collaboration by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.

《一秒有多长 》一秒很短吗,一年有多长?短短一秒,人眨眼7次,啄木鸟啄树20下,飞机航行244米;一分钟,仓鼠的心脏跳动450次,进攻中的灰熊疾驰805米;一小时有3600秒,成年人呼吸900多次;大多数读这本书的人能活2500000000秒,事实上,等你读完这个句子,9秒又溜走了……
《谁来给河马洗洗澡 》斑马听力出色,角马嗅觉敏锐,而鸵鸟视力超群,它们常常聚在一起吃草,这样就能及时发现周围的捕食者。《谁来给河马洗洗澡》展现了动物世界中奇妙的合-作关系,即互利共生关系。有些动物看上去似乎毫不相干,比如乌鸦和狼,但它们却是合-作伙伴,这并不是因为友情,或者想要帮助对方,而是合-作能帮助它们在大自然中更好地生存下去。动物远比我们想象的要聪明!

Book Titles:
Just a Second 一秒有多长
Life on Earth 生物简史
Animals by the Numbers 动物大数据 
How to Clean a Hippopotamus 谁来给河马洗洗澡

By Steve Jenkins, Hardcover, Simplified Chinese characters, 32-48 pages/book, 8.4"x10.25" or 11.25"x9.75" or 11.75"x9.45"
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