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Super Science Books Level 4 (4 Books) BLC948


These are the student books for iSuper Chinese Teaching Resources. They are corresponding to the topic of Physical Science,which are related to Sound and Light. This topic contains 4 books: Source of SoundThe Change and Transmission of SoundLight and ShadowThe Reflection of Light.

iSuper Chinese Teaching Resources is scientific, conforms to the standards of the FOSS academic curriculum. It is highly educational, students can acquire Chinese language and gain academic knowledge simultaneously. It is topic-based, suited for practical use in the science classroom. The series is flexible, utilizes a wide range of teaching styles. There are practical, interactive activities throughout the entire learning process. This series is systematically designed, divided into levels according to student cognitive development, which can help students learn Chinese step by step.


Book Titles:
Physical Science (Sound and Light  ) 物理科学·声音与光
Source of Sound 声音的来源 
The Change and Transmission of Sound 声音的变化与传播 
Light and Shadow 光与影子
The Reflection of Light 光的反射

By Marisa Fang and Zhining Chin, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 16-20 pages/book, 8.5"x7.25"
Item: Super Science Books Level 4 (4 Books)
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