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Hooked on Chinese BLE036


Hooked on Chinese(tm) Deluxe is a three-level program that teaches 4- to 6-year-old kids basic Chinese vocabulary words and other useful expressions and phrases. Using CD-ROMs for independent instruction and practice, the program includes colorful workbooks filled with games and activities that allow kids to introduce Chinese to family and friends. Hosted by a cast of loveable characters, kids will have a blast learning to speak Chinese! What You Learn:

Yellow Level:

* Hello and goodbye
* Numbers
* Saying your age
* Colors
* Shapes

Red Level:

* Family members
* Greetings
* Parts of the body
* Friends
* Counting things
* Saying "I have..."

Blue Level:

* Opposites
* Clothes
* Places in your neighborhood
* "Let's go to..."
* "Where are we going?"

What's Included:
* 3 CD-ROMs
* 3 workbooks
* 9 books
* 3 sets of flash cards
* 3 progress posters to track learning success
* 3 sets of fun stickers kids love
* 1 parents' guide

Box Size: 12.8" x 10.8" x 10.8", Ages 4-6
Item: Hooked on Chinese
Our Price:US$ 99.99
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