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Let's Play Games in Chinese BLE104


This popular book of games adds fun to Chinese language learning. It features a wealth of language-learning games including "Simon Says," "Visual Bingo," "The Buzz Game," "Connecting the Dragons" and more; the activities are ideal for Chinese-language classrooms, as well as for extracurricular language activities such as Chinese club. The games may be played by groups of varying numbers of players. At the beginning of each entry, tables list the skills addressed, suggested level of usage, group size, and equipment needed for each game. The games and activities focus on the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) and can easily be integrated into any Chinese-language curriculum. For ease of use, each activity is conveniently labeled as to skill level (elementary, intermediate, and advanced). Black and white illustrations. All levels and all ages.

By Tao-chung Yao and Scott McGinnis,Paperback, English and Tradtional Chin
Item: Let's Play Games in Chinese
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