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Let's Learn Chinese Series BLE135


The Let's Learn Chinese Series is designed according to the development stages and needs of children between the ages of three and six. The contents are divided into units which are based on the things that the children come into contact with in their everyday life. The Nursery Book has the following themes: Knowing Myself, My Body, Interesting Numbers, My Home, Beautiful Colours, Shapes, Adorable Animals, Mother Nature, Fruits and Vegetables. The Infant 1 book has the following themes: Knowing Myself, My Body, Interesting Numbers, Inside the Park, Animals are so adorable, Shapes, Direction and Position, Comparison, Traffic, Mother Nature. The Infant 2 book has the following themes: Knowing Myself, My Five Sense Organs, My Family, My Houses, People who help us, Getting to know time, Direction and Position, Fruits and Vegetables, Food. This package consists of a wide variety of activites which includes: Conversation, Getting to know characters, Games, Writing, Singing Nursery Rhymes, Imagination, Read Out Loud, Mathematics, Colouring, etc. Ages 3-7.


  • This is a 3 in 1 package; each book combines the characteristics of a Textbook, Workbook and Teacher's Guide.
  • The activity type is staed clearly on each page.
  • For the ease of reference for teachers and parents, specific and clear teaching instructions are given at the bottom of reach page pertaining to the activity on it.
  • Flash cards are provided at the end of the Nursery book. Children can cut out these cards and have a fun learning session of their own.
  • A revision exercise is provided at the end of the Infant 2 book for children to revise and strengthen what they have learnt earlier.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters and Pinyin, 56-60 pages/book, 11.7"x8.25"
Item: Let's Learn Chinese Series
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