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Learn Chinese through Music: for Children BLE196


This book is designed to teach young students the Chinese language through popular Chinese nursery songs. It contains ten songs which were selected based on their popularity and simplicity. Using this book, children will be able to sing and dance while learning Chinese. There are ten chapters in total, and every chapter has seven sections, such as “Let’s Listen”, “Let’s Speak”, acting, singing, crafts, and games that engage students and promote learning. Also, this book includes a vocabulary list and a Chinese character list. The flexibility of each chapter assists instructors in achieving optimal results by allowing them to create their own curriculum to match their students.

2、本书共十课,每课有七个板块,分别为“听一听”、“说一说”、 表演唱、拍手念、做手工、做游戏等孩子们感兴趣的教学活动,还附有词语表和汉字表,教师完全可以根据教学需要,增删本书的某些内容,以便达到最佳的教学效果。

Songs List:
Lesson One: Two Tigers/第一课: 两只老虎
Lesson Two: Look for a Friend/第二课:找朋友
Lesson Three: Happy New Year/第三课: 新年好 
Lesson Four: Big Drum and Little Drum/第四课: 大鼓和小鼓 
Lesson Five: Good Little Rabbit/第五课: 小兔子乖乖 
Lesson Six: Toss the Handkerchief/第六课: 丢手绢 
Lesson Seven: Number Song/第七课: 数字歌 
Lesson Eight: Make a Phone Call/第八课: 打电话
Lesson Nine: Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle/第九课: 一闪一闪亮晶晶 
Lesson Ten: My Good Mother/第十课: 我的好妈妈

By Chen Li, Translated by Jennifer Ng, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, Pinyin and English, 97 pages, 10.25"x7.4", 1 CD-ROM
Item: Learn Chinese through Music: for Children
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