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Restructuring Sentences Series BLE217


Restructuring Sentences is based on the latest guidelines of Chinese Language curriculum and is designed for elementary students. It is suitable as textbook supplementary materials. The series helps students to familiar with Chinese sentenses and improve their writting skills. Each book includes 25 exercises with learning objectives. The samples and explanation in each exercise will help students to understand the sentense structure. Restructuring Sentences 2 is also available. Ages 6-12.

. 根據最新小學中文科課程指引編寫。
. 根據各教科書常用的句式設計習題。
. 每個練習的學習重點明確,讓學生有系統地學習。
. 對各種類型的句式均附有深入淺出的解釋,並輔以示例,有助學生掌握句子的結構。
. 高年級各冊加插看圖排序及排句成段練習,提高學生的組織能力。

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 32 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Restructuring Sentences Series
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