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Chinese Exam Review BLE221


Chinese Exam Review Series is designed for tests and exams of each semester in elementary schools, it provides overall review to the students and helps them to get good results. The exercise subjects focus on different Chinese learning parts and facilitate students to choose the appropriate subject for review.


  • 「不可失分題」,如學生未能準確完成,表示學生須再加緊努力,打好基礎。
  • 程度較高或陷阱題目,學生可於答案頁找出難題詳解。
  • 每冊最後部分附有3個「終極決戰複習」,以供學生於兩個測驗及考試前夕作最後複習。
  • 特設高分策略,因應每個學期的學習重點,替學生設計出相應的試前預備和應試策略。

Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 80 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25"
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