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Chinese Reading and Comprehension BLE225


Chinese Reading and Comprehension (6 Books) is designed for elemenatary school students to improve their Chinese reading and comprehension ability. The selected articles from excellent children's books will broaden their reading level and stimulate reading interest. The diversified Chinese basic exercises will enhance students' language learning ability. Ages 6-12.

主題單元編排 -- 依據最新小學中文科課程,以單元形式編排,配合教學需要。授「閱讀妙方」-- 配合篇章練習,講解閱讀方法,強化閱讀能力。設「好文鏈結」 -- 節選優秀兒童圖書文章,擴闊閱讀層面,激發閱讀興趣。鞏固語文基礎 -- 適量而多元化的語文基礎知識練習,全面提升語文學習能力。附「綜合測驗」 -- 附兩個綜合測驗,以便進行評估,有利掌握學習進度。


Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters, 64 pages/book, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Chinese Reading and Comprehension
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