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Experiencing Chinese for Elementary Schools Textbooks BLE377


 Recognition: Being approved as “International Chinese Education High Quality Textbook 1+2 Project” by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education in China
Target Users: For primary school students or Chinese language learners aged 5-12 who speak English as their first or second language, and take Chinese as an elective course
Pedagogic Principle: In line with the psychological characteristics of children, based on the theory of Multiple Intelligence, the textbook pays attention to the relationship between Chinese and other subjects, organically combines language and speech intelligence with mathematical logic, visual space, musical rhythm, body movement, interpersonal communication and other intelligence, and cultivates the comprehensive intelligence of young learners.
Basic Standards: It refers to the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education and YCT Test Syllabus and Guide, and integrates the “5C Standards” (Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, Communities) of foreign language learning. 
Systematic Arrangement: In line with the rules of Chinese teaching, the curriculum system is reasonably arranged, taking topics and functions into account, and systematically integrating language elements, cultural knowledge in Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing. 
Attractive Scenario: The characters and scenarios are vivid and entertaining, the learning activities are rich and diverse, the drawing style is simple and modern. The unique picture-book design visually immerse the young learners in the scenario and create a relaxed and happy learning atmosphere

“体验汉语小学教程”(国际版)系列教材改编自泰国版《体验汉语》中小学 教材,由国内国外两个专家团队联合改编,体现了通用性和国别化相结合的原则, 融合了《国际中文教育中文水平等级标准》、《YCT 考试大纲与应考指南》、美国 星谈计划(StarTalk)、5C(Communication, Culture, Connection, Community, Creativity)、CEFR 等语言教学大纲和要求,是教育部语言交流合作中心“1+2”精 品工程资助项目。 “体验汉语小学教程”(国际版)适用于不同国别,以零基础为 起点,贯穿 K-5 阶段的幼儿和小学汉语学习者,共分 6 个级别,每个级别包括学 生用书、练习册、词汇卡、教师用书和数字教程 App。教材本着“充满中国味儿, 体现国际范儿”原则,结合中小学生的学习习惯和身心特点,强调“体验式学习— —做中学、边体验边学”,持续激发中小学生的学习兴趣和学习成效。 该系列教 程还配有数字化资源:交互式学习系统和 App 应用,结合图片、声音、动画等多 种不同的媒体形式,提供更加生动有趣的内容和互动练习。同时也为不同国别化 定制的需求做好充分的准备。另外,为便于教师应用,该系列同步推出 E-book 电子版教师用书,不仅提供可打印、可下载的教师用书、配套测试题,还配有其 他教学资源的下载,提供最前沿的教学动态和出版信息,教师可随时随地通过平 台获得更为全面的教学服务。 本教材为《体验汉语小学教程 学生用书》,基本 教学对象为非沉浸式汉语兴趣班教学。该学生用书包括人物简介、课文、附录。 每课主题基于与学生生活密切相关的交际场景设计,每课内容包括主课文、生词、 相关的听说读写练习,故事会和文化比较。活动设计紧扣每课语言点,配图丰富 有趣,结合小学生特点,充分调动兴趣,以多种活动形式达到“体验式学习”的目 的。

By Lisa Huang Heal, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 76-88 pages/book, 11"x8.5"
Item: Experiencing Chinese for Elementary Schools Textbooks
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