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Commonly Used Chinese Characters Flash Cards BLF076


These six sets of flashcards introduce the 600 most commonly used Chinese characters. The two-sided cards show a Simplified character on one side and a useful sentence on the other. The sentences in each set are composed of only characters in Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Level 1 introduces the 100 most commonly used characters, Level 2 the next 100, Level 3 the next 100 characters, and so on. Each set uses sentences comprised of characters from only that level and the level before. Ideal for anyone learning to read and speak Chinese. Chinese and English sentence sheet. Ages 6 & up. Price is for each volume. Recommended use with Fun with Chinese Bingo.

Simplified Chinese characters, 100 Cards, Card Size: 3"x6"
Item: Commonly Used Chinese Characters Flash Cards
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