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YCT Flashcards BLF140


Covering the YCT curriculum, these flashcards introduce 168 characters used in 150 new vocabularies for each level. Designed to complement the Mandarin Matrix YCT 1-3 Readers, each character is tagged to indicate its location and context in the corresponding Reader. Perfect for building character recognition, these multi-use, wipe-clean flashcards are a proven resource to help build vocabulary and practise writing Chinese characters. Level 1 has 2 packs of 40 double-sided cards, Level 2 has 2 packs of 35 double-sided cards, and Level 3 has 3 packs of 50 double-sided cards. The flash cards for each level correspond to the new words introduced in each of the YCT readers, levels 1 through 3.

的YCT生词卡与YCT一至四级考试相配套。完成YCT 四个级别的训练课程后,学生能够使用汉语在日常生活、学习和工作中进行基本的沟通。在中国旅行时,他们也能够运用汉语进行一般交流。


70-150 Cards/Level, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 7"x3.3"
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