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When to Say What BLH104


This concise coursebook of spoken Chinese is compiled by experienced overseas Chinese teachers with an easy-to-learn approach. It covers 18 everyday life situations, e.g. greetings, expressing thanks, apologizing, inviting, guessing, complaining, consoling, etc. In each situation, the students are taught how to speak and respond appropriately in accordance with different contexts. Everyday Chinese spoken expressions and their English equivalents are provided in the book.
第一课 问候; 第二课 感谢; 第三课 道歉; 第四课 邀请; 第五课 请求; 第六课 答应、许诺; 第七课 拒绝; 第八课 询问; 第九课 赞同; 第十课 否定、否认; 第十一课 赞赏、表扬; 第十二课 不满; 第十三课 批评; 第十四课 安慰; 第十五课 说服、劝说; 第十六课 猜测; 第十七课 开场白和结束语; 第十八课 告别

Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin & English, 119 pages, 11.2" x 8.25", 1 CD
Item: When to Say What
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