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I’m in Beijing Multimedia Chinese Learning Series BLH136

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I’m in Beijing Multimedia Chinese Learning Series for Teenagers is designed by the National Key Laboratory for the Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning in Beijing Normal University and Beijing International Chinese College, together with Domestic and overseas experienced experts and teachers in the related fields. This series are divided into three volumes, which are “Everyday Chinese”, “Chinese Culture” and “Critical Thinking”. There are 10 units in each volume and 30 units in all. Every unit has three modules, including “Stories”, “Exercises & Activities” and “Extensive Reading”. This series utilize many advanced multimedia techniques such as MPR, flash. In “Everyday Chinese”, you will learn a lot of every speech, such as dinning, shopping, asking for direction. In “Chinese Culture”, you will learn the interesting Chinese culture, such as Beijing opera, calligraphy, the Spring Festival. In “Critical Thinking”, you will find many cultural phenomena and controversial topics that you need to explore. Though most of the stories in I’m Beijing happen in Beijing, the series are not only about Beijing. It also involves what is the most typical of Chinese culture, and at the same time the cultures of some other countries are introduced as a counterpart to Chinese culture for comparison. Get Teacher's Manual too.

“思考篇”关注外国中学生关心的中国文化中引人思考的话题,如为什么中国人家庭成员的称呼那么复杂?为什么中国的国画讲究意境?为什么中国人那么喜欢龙?中国人的审美观是什么?中国城为什么又叫“唐人街”?等等。 “思考篇”能够让学生更深入了解中国文化、更好地运用汉语;同时也有助于学生了解不同国家的文化差异,学习相互理解、相互尊重,在学习汉语的同时,也具备世界文化的视野。


Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, Vol.1: 152 pages, Vol.2: 152 pages, Vol.3: 136 pages, 10.25"x7.25", 1 DVD
Item: I’m in Beijing Multimedia Chinese Learning Series
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