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Chinese Breeze Learn with Ease BLH180


Chinese Breeze Learn with Ease is an innovative two-level course for junior high or hign school students. The Chinese With Ease approach offers an engaging, motivating, exciting, and fun journey to Chinese language proficiency! Each Level of Chinese With Ease contains 90-100 hours of classroom materials, allowing the course to be easily completed within one academic year. The Chinese With Ease provides a sequential curriculum that takes students from beginning to intermediate level of fluency.

Key Features:
A proven first year Chinese curriculum that produces remarkable results
Vocabulary carefully selected on the basis of usefulness and frequency
Simple and point-by-point grammar presentations – with immediate practice
A great build-in memorization system based on rhymes, rhythm and movement
All you need is in this one book – Integrated core text & student workbook
Designed to encourage students’ excellence and minimize teachers’ preparation time.

Chinese Breeze Learn with Ease 是高健老师十六年来在教室里顺着学生的喜好,为汉语零起点的初高中生量身打造出来的一套有效的汉语教材。这套教材突破了传统教学模式, 全部课文均以歌谣和韵律会话展开,  轻巧活跃,  朗朗上口,  易学易记。 这套教材的课本和练习册合二为一,每册只有160页左右,内容可在一学年内轻松教完。

By Jian Gao, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, 161-191 pages/book, 11"x8.75"
Item: Chinese Breeze Learn with Ease
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