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Follow Me Through BHL BLH229


This book is compiled based on the writing section of the examination program and the relevant grading standard. It provides guidance for students in terms of idea-forming, style of writing, topic, vocabulary and sentence structure, etc. The first chapter contains a brief introduction of the examination program and the grading standard; the second chapter places more emphasis on oral expression and topics of writing such as culture diversity, custom and tradition, health, recreation and science and technology; the third chapter provides explanations for argumentative writing in BHL; the fourth chapter focuses on how to complete writing tasks (innovative writing); the fifth chapter includes a model writing test. Moreover, introductory pictures, sample passages, references for oral expression, reference exam bank and model writing tests are also provided for teachers and students. Each sample passage is accompanied by the relevant style and format requirements as well as important tips, which could help students better understand how to write a good composition. As an essential review material for BHL takers, this book can assist you in making breakthroughs in Chinese writing.

《突破IB中文B写作难关》依照考试大纲写作部分的内容和评分标准进行编写,从构思、文体、话题、词语、句子结构等方面指导考生进行复习。共分5个篇章:第一篇简单介绍教学大纲和评分标准;第二篇集中在“个人口头表达”和有关 “文化多元性”、 “习俗与传统”、 “健康”、“休闲” 和 “现代科技” 等几个话题的写作;第三篇针对中文B高级课程的议论文写作进行讲解;第四篇是关于如何完成“书面作业(创意写作)”的;第五篇为写作卷模拟试卷。本书包括了脑图、范文、个人口语参考图片、参考题库和写作模拟试卷,方便老师和考生参考和应用,并进行练习。书中的每篇范文都附加了文体格式要求和重点提示,让学生更加明白怎样写好作文。 

By Weiwei Feng, Paperback, Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, 204 pages, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Follow Me Through BHL
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