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DP Chinese A Literature Course Literature Analysis Guide BLH278


This book is specifically designed for the literary analysis and instruction of IBDP Chinese A Literature Course Exam Paper 1. It aims to assist learners to master basic knowledge and appreciation methods of different literary texts, so as to successfully complete the evaluation tasks.

·Closely related to the outline, flexible to choose contexts: It is closely related to teaching requirements of the outline, and teachers could either directly use the teaching plans or flexibly replace and extend the contexts.

·Based on inquiry methods: It provides core concepts, global issues, exploration areas and other related issues to explore four literature genres.

·Combined teaching and practice to assist students to prepare for the exam: It contains various exercises and provides basic appreciation methods to help students prepare for the exam efficiently.

本書是針對IBDP中文A文學課程試卷一(Paper 1)而編寫的文學分析指導,旨在幫助學習者掌握不同文學文體的基礎知識和鑒賞方法,從而順利完成評估任務。




By Wu Xinghua, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 171 pages, 11"x8.5"
Item: DP Chinese A Literature Course Literature Analysis Guide
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