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DP Chinese A Course Concept-based Unit Design BLH282


This book is specifically designed for IBDP Chinese A teachers, which is applicable to Chinese A literature course as well as language and literature course. It aims to explore theories and application approaches of concept-based teaching method, so as to assist teachers to achieve personalized unit design. 


  • Concept-based method: Provide multiple teaching cases, design unit plan and evaluation closely related to core concepts of the syllabus.
  • Theoretical exploration: illustrate related theories of concept-based curriculum and provide theoretical guidance for unit design.
  • Courses comparison: Compare IB courses with American common core to explore different text types, evaluation dimensions and skill standards.



  • 概念驅動:提供豐富的教學案例,緊扣大綱中的學科概念組織單元教學,設計評估活動。
  • 理論探索:解析概念驅動課程的理論基礎和教學主張,為單元設計提供理論指導。
  • 課程對比:對照IB課程與美國Common Core,探究不同的文本類型、評估維度和技能標準。
  • 個性創作:根據概念性理解、探究問題和評估活動靈活安排教學計劃,實現個性化單元教學。

By Zhang Xixi, Luo Qian, Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 302 pages, 9.5"x6.75"
Item: DP Chinese A Course Concept-based Unit Design
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