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IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Listening and Reading BLH299


This book is compiled according to the updated syllabus. It is designed based on the guideline of the IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio courses with each unit featuring a conceptual theme. The book consists of seven units, namely, education, natural environment, festivals, health, science and technology, entertainment, and relationship. Each unit contains five topics, including identity, experience, invention, social organization and shared earth, which are stipulated in the guideline. In each topic section, there will be an audio for listening exercise and two passages for reading. The convenience of modern technology is utilized with embedded QR codes, allowing instant access to the audio exercises. All exercises are modeled after authentic exams. This book encompasses the five specified themes of “IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio” with the focus on the links between the themes and designs various teaching activities integrating different themes. It aims to help the teachers to allocate the time spent on the five specified themes more appropriately in order to enhance students’ learning efficiency.

The series includes IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Listening and Reading and IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Speaking and Writing. They are tailored for those who are taking the IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio courses at the elementary level and those taking international Chinese courses such as the IGCSE Chinese as a Foreign Language (0547).

《腾飞:IB中文Ab Initio初级课程听力和阅读理解训练》依照新大纲編写,内容紧扣IB中文Ab Initio的课程指南,以“概念性大主题”进行单元创作,选取教育、自然环境、节日、健康、科技、休闲娱乐、关系七个概念作为单元主题,每个主题下包括五个小话题,涵盖课程指南中的身份认同、经历体验、发明创造、社会组织、共享地球五大规定主题。每个小话题下有一篇听力理解(扫封面二维码即可选择对应的音频进行播放)和两篇阅读理解,练习题参照考试真题的题型。本书编写理念着重概念统整,以IB中文Ab Initio五大规定主题为核心,探索五大主题背后的联系,并设计合适的跨主题教学活动,力求帮助教师平衡IB大纲中五大规定主题的教学时间,帮助学生提高学习效率。

《腾飞》分为《腾飞:IB中文Ab Initio初級课程听力和阅读理解训练》和《腾飞:IB中文Ab Initio初級课程口语和写作训练》两册,既适用于选修IB中文AbInitio初級课程的学生, 同样也适用于学习IGCSE中文作为外语(0547) 课程等国际中文课程的学生。

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, 237 pages, 11.3"x8.3"
Item: IBDP Mandarin Ab Initio Listening and Reading
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