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Experiencing Chinese - Studying in China BLO040


Practice makes perfect and that is exactly what Experiencing Chinese- Studying in China recommends. This textbook offers 12 lessons to be learned within a 2 week time frame. Lessons introduce sentences, scenes, activities, and Chinese characters. For students willing to commit 40-50 hours in those two weeks, there are 12 lessons:

1) Hello
2) I am an overseas student
3) What time is it now
4) How much is that altogether
5) The roast duck is delicious
6) Excuse me, where is the rest room
7) Sir, I'd like to go to Tian An Men
8) I've left my keys behind
9) I am not well
10) Hello, May I speak to Martin
11) I like swimming
12) Let's keep in touch

The 50-70 hours textbook contains 16 lessons:

1) Hello
2) Which room do you live in
3) What time is it now
4) How much is this
5) How about three kuai
6) I'd like scrambled eggs
7) In the cyber cafe
8) Excuse me, how do I get to the bank
9) Sir, stop here
10) I'd like to change money
11) I've left my keys behind
12) I have a cold
13) Hello, May I speak to Lin Hua
14) Let's help each other
15) There are five people in my family
16) Let's take some pictures here.

These textbooks are a vital resource for students who are planning to study abroad. Experiencing China - Living in China and Experiencing China - Business Communication in China are also available. Please choose either the 40-50 hours or 50-70 hours version. Price is for one book and CD.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese Characters, English & Pinyin, 40-50 Hours Book: 117 pages, 50-70 Hours Book: 183 pages, 8.25'' x 11'', 1 CD per book
Item: Experiencing Chinese - Studying in China
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