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Guide to Chinese Culture BLO133


This book introduces Chinese dynasties, ethnic and minority policy, religion, and Confucius' impact on Chinese civilization and education system. Other cultural aspects such as holiday and folk customs, totems, food culture, literature and drama, calligraphy and painting, gardens and architecture, music, crafts, Chinese medicine, tourist attractions, and the world's cultural heritage are also introduced. A great guide book for Chinese language students to learn about Chinese culture and Chinese people while they study the Chinese language.
 本书内容主要有:朝代历史纪元,民族及少数民族政策。宗教,儒家思想对中国的影响,科举与教育体制,节日与民俗,图腾,饮食文化,文学与戏剧,书法及绘画,园林与建筑,音乐,工艺品,中医药,旅游景点与世界文化遗产等等。接受培训的外国学生在亲眼看到和亲身感受到中国文化所具有的不同特点和独特魅力之时,也实际感受到世界文化的多元性,自觉增进跨文化交流的意识,从而帮助他们真切地了解中国人的观念、学习、工作和生活,进而对中国产生真实的认知。 本书力求深入浅出,通俗易懂,为初步接触中国历史与文化的外国朋友提供一个生动有趣的读物;同时也希望成为在进一步探索中国历史与文化道路上游兴正浓的中外朋友们的一个尽职向导。

Part 1 Basic National Conditions and History;
Part 2 Ancient Capital Cities - Epitome of the History;
Part 3 Philosophy and Religion;
Part 4 Civilization and Culture;
Part 5 Science and Technology;
Part 6 Literature and Art;
Part 7 Tradition and Customs;
Part 8 China - a Big Family of 56 Nationalities

Paperback, English, 282 pages, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Guide to Chinese Culture
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