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Learning 100 Chinese Radicals BLP152


Learning 100 Chinese Radicals (Second Edition) is a textbook specifically designed for nonnative learners of Chinese, which systematically introduces 100 high-frequency radicals with plain language, suitable for high school and college students. It is written in English and Chinese, including textbook, workbook and 100 radical flashcards. It also provides cultural stories and copious illustrations to help memorizing the radicals. In addition to the exercises in the textbook, there are further exercises on the website, which are interactive and accompanied by music and pictures. Here students can further explore radicals according to their own needs and interests.


第一课 汉字部首知识
第二课 水、艹、口、木、手、人、金、心、土、月
第三课 糸、虫、言、女、竹、火、王、日、石、鱼
第四课 山、足、鸟、疒、辵、衣、犬、目、刀、邑
第五课 宀、禾、马、贝、车、阜、示、食、酉、八
第六课 页、巾、门、广、大、米、田、十、彳、革
第七课 攴、戈、尸、穴、力、舟、口、雨、厂、又
第八课 牛、皿、仌、羽、羊、弓、歹、小、欠、子
第九课 隹、耳、白、骨、立、见、厶、毛、卜、齿
第十课 方、黑、殳、儿、乡、气、勺、爪、瓦、走
第十一课 匚、户、工、止、寸、夂、矢、斤、舌、身


Paperback, Simplified Chinese Character and English, Vocabulary with Pinyin, Textbook: 225 pages, Workbook: 286 pages, 11.25"x8.25"
Item: Learning 100 Chinese Radicals
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