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Language Wand - Talking Posters BLP206


A new revolutionary kit for teaching and learning Chinese and pther 45 languages! This large poster set includes 36 posters. Colorful pictures illustrate each word so that you can hear the sounds, syllables, words, and sentences of language, culture and history by clicking on each image. The set includes 3 levels: foundation, improvement and proficiency. The foundation allows the student to select from more than 600 words to improve their ability to recognize and speak the new words. Through the use of examples, the learner is able to further understand the true meaning of each word and it's appearance to the real world. The pronunciation posters of the Chinese teaching series adopt a new technique of Point and Read, allowing the student to hear the word spoken in 46 languages. By touching the posters with a specially designed pointer pen, the student will hear the Chinese characters, English words and total 46 languages that correspond with the selected image. Through this technique, the student is now able to learn on a 3 dimension level, making for a more interesting and enjoyable learning experience. Entire set comes in a convenient carrying case.

Poster Names:
Initials 声母
Finals 韵母
Greetings 问候语
Numbers 数字
Time 时间
Colors 颜色
Human Body 身体
Animals 动物
In the Garden 花园
Clothing 服装
Vegetables 蔬菜
Fruits 水果
Furniture 家居
Kitchen 厨房
Classroom 教室
Supermarket 超市
Post Office 邮局
Bank 银行
Family Members 家庭成员
Daily Activities 一天的活动
Sports 体育运动
Chinese and Western Cuisine 中餐和西餐
Transportation 交通工具
Asking Directions 问路
Chinese Folk Customs 中华民俗
Political Division of China 中国政区
The People of China 中华民族
Attractions in China 中国名胜
Attractions in Beijing 北京名胜
Traditional Instruments 传统乐器
Chinese Opera 中国戏曲
Traditional Chinese Sports and Athletics 中国传统运动
Traditional Chinese Festivals 中国传统节日
Ancient Poem: Thoughts in the Quiet 古诗:《静夜思》
Chinese Song: Jasmine Flowers 《茉莉花》——学唱汉语歌
Chinese Song: Chinese Folk Song 《中华民谣》——学唱汉语歌

36 posters: 34"x22.4", 1 Talking Pen, 1 Speaker,Tube Size: 8.75"x25.25"
Item: Language Wand - Talking Posters
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