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Chinese Characters: Building Blocks Character-Based Learning Method BLP332


The structure of Chinese characters has been studied and analyzed since ancient times, for example according to Chinese dictionary from two-thousand years ago Shuowen Jiezi ( "Explaining and Analyzing Characters"), the character "休" is described as "person (亻) leans on tree (木)", thus explaining its "stop to rest" meaning. On the contrary, when Shuowen Jiezi explains the character "止", it says "Base. Grasses and trees have roots. Ancestors used stop to mean foot." Not so easy to understand, right? As times change, so does the language. Modern language education does not need to rigidly adhere to the teaching methods of the past generations, for it is only when new knowledge is referenced to the things that students come into contact in their life, that meaningful communication becomes possible. Bearing this in mind, Professor Chen Hsueh-Chih with his team of colleagues in education and technology fields, jointly wrote two Chinese language textbooks. The first one is called "Learning Chinese Characters with Drawings", and is focused on character structure, using association method to assist students in memorizing character structure and meaning, at the same time expanding from characters to words, making character study a practical part of learning the Chinese language. The second book is called "Chinese Characters: Building Blocks", and just like building a house with building blocks, it leads learners from characters to words, and from words to complete usable sentences, as a result, proving wrong the misconception that characters and vocabulary should be taught separately.

本書特色: 強調漢字為學習本位,以字系詞,以詞領句,提升華語學習力。

by Hsueh-Chih Chen and Zhen-Xing Lin, Paperback, Traditional Chinese characters with Pinyin, Zhuyin, and English, 190-197 pages/book, 10.2"x7.5", 1 CD
Item: Chinese Characters: Building Blocks Character-Based Learning Method
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