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Happy Chinese-28 Stories of Chinese Characters (28 Books) BLP341


How can we make learning Chinese characters simple and fun? Some Chinese characters share same sound parts and even sound the same or similar. The main difference is the changing radicals that embed certain meanings. Sets of such Chinese characters were thus selected and weaved into each short and fun story in an effort to make learning Chinese characters easier yet more effective. Each book also focuses on one or two particular Chinese syllable and introduces a few frequently-used words and phrases. The whole set of books includes 28 books and covers roughly 800 frequently-used Chinese characters.


Book Titles:
Mom, Dad, and Me  爸爸妈妈和娃娃
Grandmother Snail is Very Lonely 蜗牛婆婆很寂寞
Why are Tadpoles Happy? 蝌蚪为何乐呵呵?
Little Chicken Ignores the Fox 鸡弟弟不理狐狸
Auntie Pig Needs a Gourd 猪姑姑要葫芦
Donkey and Foal Go Fishing 驴和马驹去打鱼
Kangaroo Buying Vegetables 袋鼠采采买菜
Sister Hedgehog Loves Strawberries 刺猬妹妹爱草莓
Turtle's Painting 乌龟垂垂的彩绘
Little Kitten is Noisy 猫宝宝好闹
Little Chicken Eats Dumplings 小鸡交交吃水饺
Dog Eats Bones 狗勾勾吃肉骨头
Cow Plays Soccer 牛妞妞踢球
Crab Gets Cleaned 螃蟹吉吉变清洁
Horse Wants the Water Bowl 马宛宛要拿水碗
Chicken Plays with Shuttlecock 鸡建建踢鸡毛毽
Caterpillar Goes to the Park 毛元元去公园玩儿
Wolf King Cooks Crab Soup 狼王做螃蟹汤
Wolf King Wants to Eat Sheep 狼王想吃羊洋洋
Elephant Sprays Water at Wolf King 大象把狼王喷
Cat Flies a Kite 猫元元放风筝
Chicken Brother Gets Drenched 鸡弟弟被雨淋
Dragonfly Bites the Orangutan 蜻蜓丁丁叮猩猩
Bear Doesn't Like Working 不喜欢工作的熊
Little Frog Scares the Shrimp 青蛙娃娃吓小虾
Fox Makes Chicken Stew 鸡弟弟被狐狸炖
Camel Talks Too Much 骆驼罗罗说太多
Aunt Pig Learns to Ski 猪姑姑学滑雪

By Min Li, Paperback, Simplified Chinese characters, 20 pages/book, 7.5"x5.5"
Item: Happy Chinese-28 Stories of Chinese Characters (28 Books)
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